4 climate justice

At our first event

Green Revolution & an Amsterdam Coffeshop
Raised 4,209 Euros

for indigenous frontline community protecting the Amazon rainforest against deforestation.
Watch a short documentary about the forest guardians on Waterbear.

Day of Action
April 20th in Pictures

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Profits from Cannabis sales should go to Ecological & Humanitarian needs! Cannabis is
Food, Fuel, Fertilizer,
Homes, Livelihoods
and so much more!

The cannabis industry earns billions, or even trillions, worldwide. Money that does not return to society. We know that politicians and wealthy elites will not do what is needed to protect our planet.

Repair damaged ecosystems, reduce overindulged consumption, and provide financial support to those most affected by the climate and ecological crises.


Recommendations for the implementation of Cannabis policies aligned with international Human Rights standards, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Read more here and here.

Its adoption closes essential gaps in international law and offers a framework for governments to work together to protect global health, climate resilience, and the socioeconomic wellbeing and food security of billions of people.

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Alicia Fall (Her Many Voices) / Prof. Dr. Cees Hamelink (Rescue our Future Foundation) / Cristina Arribas Jiménez / David Theuvenet (7 Billion Presidents) / Gabriela Barrios Garrido (Resuce our Future Foundation) / Gwen Tauber (Extinction Rebellion) / Jason Jacobs (Te Mana Consortium) / Jeremy Hale (Advanced Botanical and Biomass Research Institute) / Laura Ramos (Portugal Medical Cannabis) / Melanie Rieback (Nonprofit Ventures) / Nikos Tsopoglou / René (PANTANOVA BV) / Rituraj Phukan (Indigenous People's Climate Justice Forum) / Roel Kessels / Sarah Nolan / Tammy Parrish and many more